Rejoining PTCOG-AO, Building Bridges, Improving Qualities

December 2-3, 2022   |   Venue : Jeju ICC, Jeju, Korea

Notice to Chairs & Speakers


  • The speakers are entirely responsible for the presentation content (order, graphics, videos, etc.).
  • Every speaker verifies himself/herself that the time of their session has not changed.
  • Please prepare the presentation material for your assigned presentation time.
  • If the presenting author has been changed, please email the Secretariat to know who will be presenting. (

Uploading File At Mypage → Role Information
Submission Deadline

30th November 2022 -KST

  • Files that are submitted by website before the deadline will be prepared as your presentations on the day of the conference.
Presentation Time
Educational Sessions 25 minutes presentation +5 minutes Q&A.
Scientific Session 1 10 minutes presentation + 5 minutes Q&A.
Scientific Session 2 15 minutes presentation + 5 minutes Q&A.
Scientific Session 3~5 7 minutes presentation + 3 minutes Q&A.

* Scientific Session 3 Invited talk’s specific time will be updated.

** The total duration of the presentation should not exceed the allocated time.

Language English
File Type MS-Power Point, PDF Template Download
  • Please avoid using KeyNote.
  • Make sure your presentation is in a compatible format.
  • Please prepare your presentation preferably using PowerPoint versions 2010,2013,2016,2019.
Aspect Ratio 16:9

* The aspect ratio must be submitted to the recommended size.

Remark MS-Power Point, PDF (Template)
  • If you use fonts other than standard Windows Office 2010, please bring the font files along with the presentation file.
  • If your presentation material includes video, animation, etc., please make sure to check again before your presentation.
Oral Presentation Session
  • Arrive at least an hour before your presentation and must drop by the PREVIEW CENTER to check your presentation materials.
  • If your presentation has been modified after you submitted at the Mypage, your presentation must be handed over to personnel on a USB stick in the PREVIEW CENTER as far in advance as possible and AT THE LATEST 3 hours BEFORE the beginning of each of your dedicated sessions, except for early morning sessions.
  • The PREVIEW CENTER will be located on the 5th floor near the Hall and will be available at the following times:
    December 2 : 8:00 ~
    December 3 : 7:30 ~
In the Session Room
  • Once you arrive at the session room, your presentation will already be uploaded on the presentation screen.
  • You are asked to be seated at the next speaker's seat in the left front row of the hall at least 15 minutes before your presentation.
  • Follow the guidance of the chairperson to get on stage and the Q&A will be after the presentation.
  • Please, do NOT come with your own computer at the last minute. You will NOT BE ABLE to connect it. All presentations must be uploaded beforehand in The PREVIEW CENTER.


  • Please be noted that if you did not submit your e-poster before the deadline, your e-poster may not be displayed.

Uploading File At Mypage → Role Information
Submission Deadline

22nd November 2022 -KST

Language English
Size 1080*1920 (28.575*50.8cm) (portrait orientation)
  • To best fit the kiosk, your poster should not exceed the recommended size.
File Type JPG, JPEG, PPT Template Download
  • Make sure your e-poster is in a compatible format.
  • E-poster must be in the form of one template.
E-Poster Session
  • The e-poster will be displayed at the kiosk in the 6F lobby.
  • Also, your e-poster material will be uploaded to our website
  • You can find your e-poster number (e.g., P001) will be uploaded to the abstract book.