Rejoining PTCOG-AO, Building Bridges, Improving Qualities

December 2-3, 2022   |   Venue : Jeju ICC, Jeju, Korea


Dear Colleague,

The first PTCOG-AO conference was held in Osaka in December 2019, but it was not possible to hold it after that due to the COVID pandemic. However, as a result of the great efforts of the people involved in the PTCOG-AO Committee, it will be possible to hold the event in December 2022 in Jeju Island, Korea.

On behalf of the PTCOG-AO committee, I am delighted to invite you to PTCOG-AO 2022 meeting in Korea.  PTCOG-AO 2022 will be held in Jeju Island, Korea, from Dec 2 –3, 2022.  The conference, this year will include two days of education and scientific sessions. The venue of the conference is the international convention center Jeju, and the place will be a beautiful place at the meeting time. I sincerely hope that more people will attend the conference and that this meeting will be fruitful for all participants.

I look forward to your participation and spending time with you in Jeju island.

Best regards,

KAMADA Tadashi MD, PhD,

Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the KSMP (Korean Society of Medical Physics) Medical Particle Beam Research Group and KOSRO (Korean Society of Radiation Oncology) Particle Therapy Research Division, it is an honor and privilege to invite you to PTCOG-AO 2022.

After a successful inaugural meeting in 2019, a second meeting was postponed due to circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, it is our great delight to announce we will be hosting the 2nd meeting from Dec 2 to Dec 3, 2022, in the beautiful island Jeju, Korea.

Particle therapy use is rapidly increasing worldwide, particularly in Asia-Oceania, and thus there is a growing need to share the experiences, state-of-the-art particle therapy strategies and foster close collaboration amongst Asia-Oceania institutes. Reflecting the present necessities, the theme of PTCOG-AO 2022 will be “Re-joining PTCOG-AO, Building Bridges, Improving Qualities”

It is time to cross the two-year time gap by joining this year’s PTCOG-AO conference. Attendees will build lasting partnerships with particle therapy experts and vendors, and have opportunity to enhance overall quality of work.

Lastly, be ready to enjoy the scenic views and unique nature in Jeju Island, which has been designated as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site.

We all look forward to seeing you in Jeju.

With warmest regards,

Youngyih Han Ph.D
PTCOG-AO2022 Conference Chair